Nycomm Ltd Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

At Nycomm we are committed to promoting diversity and we celebrate the commercial advantages that a diverse workforce can bring. As a company we encourage both men and women to progress their careers within the Nycomm Group of Companies and use internal moves and promotions to fill vacancies where possible.

The gender pay gap report gives a snapshot of the difference in average earnings of all male and female employees at Nycomm as of April 2018.

Our workforce on the snapshot date was made up of 36% females, 64% males.

(Snapshot date: 5th April 2018)

  • Male
  • Female

Gender Pay and Bonus Gap

Gender Pay Gap13.20%22.39%
Gender Bonus Gap51.86%37.17%

At Nycomm, we have more males than females in senior roles, which gives us a 13% median difference between male and female employees’ average pay.

The gap between male and female bonus pay can be explained by the higher proportion of males in senior roles. More senior roles are expected to deliver significantly higher targets and attract a higher bonus earning potential.

The gender pay gap reporting guidelines for bonus pay unfortunately do not make any allowance for part time workers, who would earn proportionally less of their bonus than a full time employee. We offer flexible working to encourage women and men with caring responsibilities to progress in their careers, however this is currently primarily taken up by female employees. 88% of our part time workers are female and 16% of all females who received a bonus worked part time (compared to 1% of males).

Average Hourly Pay by Quartiles


  • Female
  • Male

Lower Middle

  • Female
  • Male

Upper Middle

  • Female
  • Male


  • Female
  • Male

81% of our employees in the upper quartile for pay are male, which includes directors, heads of department and senior sales roles. We are looking to address this through increasing female representation in more senior roles. We always aim to consider both female and male candidates when recruiting for senior positions through proactive recruitment to source a balanced shortlist of candidates.

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus

Female 69% Male 54%
% employees receiving a bonus

A higher proportion of females than males receive a bonus at Nycomm, as we have a higher proportion of females working in sales and sales support roles.

We also have a number of roles that do not attract a bonus or commission and are predominantly filled by males, such as warehouse roles, engineers and IT.

In Summary…

We are confident that we pay women and men equally for equivalent roles and our gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for the same or equivalent work.

We recognise that we have work to do to address the gender pay gap. There is no one factor that will solve the gender pay gap, however through our commitment to recruiting, supporting and developing talented females in our workforce, we aim to progressively close the pay gap at Nycomm.

I confirm that our data has been calculated according to the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Phil Gee
Executive Director